Pantone color of the year 2021 & how to use them in your homes!

Pantone color of the year 2021 & how to use them in your homes!

Pantone has announced ‘PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray’ and ‘PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating’ as the 2021 ‘Pantone Color of the Year.’ You can only imagine how elated we must have been seeing this announcement – a furnishing brand that has yellow in its name! Yellow & Gray has been one of our favorite color combinations since the time we started. The two independent colors together create an inspiring color pairing, that combines a deeper feeling of grounding with a ray of hope of sunshine filled days.

Forgive me for sounding philosophical, but 2020 has been a bleak year and with the promise of a new year; a fresh start we hope for some light (Illuminating Yellow) during these testing days where you need a practical and resilient mindset (Ultimate Gray). We believe the Ultimate Gray provides the perfect canvas to highlight the joyous Illuminating yellows around us. To illuminate is to bring light, cheer, joy, happiness and positivity. Yet every colour has a Yin to its Yang and that’s what Ultimate Gray provides here. It balances the yellow complimenting it while doing so. To help you visualize this balance, picture a yellow accent cushion on a grey couch or a yellow curtains against a grey wall, yellow placemats on a grey table cloth, a lovely pairing of neutrality and vibrancy.


Here are 7 different ways to style your homes using this perfect color combination :

1. If you are new to yellow, I recommend you to start small and see how the colors work in your space. Use yellows wisely in your living as accent pieces that can be changed like a cushion, a throw, a couple of curtains, a lampshade, pots and baskets against the backdrop of the resilient gray. Gray helps in grounding the yellow and thus provides the perfect balance.

2. Balance out the yellow with neutral colors like the grey or white. Do stick to only yellow as a primary color with neutrals like white, black and grey for a well-designed and put together appearance.

3. Yellows can be incorporated in your dining space by bringing in a fresh and cheerful yellow placemat on a sober gray table cloth. You could also paint a few kitchen cabinets yellow or even add a large yellow pot to give that pop!

4. Yellows in your home office, why not? Add that bright yellow lamp to your boring desk or stick a yellow poster with your favorite quote right above your work table, a cute yellow chair can also be a pretty addition to your home office, well the choices are endless. This perfect combination embodies the emotion of resilience and hope! It will be a popular choice for people looking to make their work spaces feel like their own.

5. The Ultimate gray is a timeless neutral, this is a color you can afford to take a risk with and try using it on your larger kitchen cabinets, walls, couches and flooring with yellows sprinkled along the way to uplift the space.

6. This yin & yang combination can be used to make your bedroom shine, the perfect way. Imagine a yellow and gray bedspread or quilt paired with some lovely yellow throw pillows to cheer up the whole space.

7. Finally, using yellow in larger proportion! Yes this is a bit tricky, but you can pull this off if you use yellow as a hero and the whites and grays to balance out the energy of yellow. Here are two things we have tried in the past and that has worked well for us ? Paint that door yellow! We painted our Hennur store door yellow, that become one of the identifying point to most customers. Everyone loved the door for it gave a very warm and welcoming look. Second is the balcony accent wall that I painted yellow! If you see here yellow is the primary color getting all the attention with mostly neutrals and green complimenting it.


Hope you found this blog informative! Leave a comment if you did ?