How To Fold Your Fitted Sheets?

How To Fold Your Fitted Sheets?

Bedrooms are the soul of our homes. They provide us with comfort and act as the much needed retreat we all deserve at the end of our day. Did you know, the state of our bedroom reflects the state of our mind? If you make your bed every morning, you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride and it will encourage you to do another task and another and another. To better aid this task for you, the easiest and fastest way for all the busybodies out there to make their bed in the morning is by using fitted sheets!


What Are Fitted Sheets?

Fitted sheets are a type of bedsheet which uses elastic on its ends. This elastic helps the sheet hug your mattress, minimizing your effort of tucking the sheets under your mattress. These stay wrinkle-free and immaculate until you take them off your bed. The hassle of making your bed has effectively been reduced to a matter of seconds when you choose fitted sheets over regular ones. No wonder,

many homes now choose fitted sheets for a clean and easy bedroom look!

Folding fitted sheets after washing

The miracle of fitted sheets comes with the slight inconvenience of folding after use. And, most of us prefer to keep the bedspreads, sheets, towels folded crisply and tightly, tucked back into their right shelves or drawers so that they are perfect for the next time use. Often folding a fitted sheet can be tricky and frustrating. But we’ve got a simple hack to ease this burden. Here, we have a basic guideline on  the best and simplest way to fold those fitted sheets.

Step 1. Start by taking the fitted sheet in both hands, hold it lengthwise with your hands on both box stitched ends. Insert both your hands in both the bottom corners of the sheet. Do so, as you would while wearing oven mitts.

Step 2. Bring both the bottom corners of the fitted sheet over the top corners. This is the tricky part. The end result must be that top corners should now be over the bottom corners, perfectly aligned. And you would have folded the fitted sheet halfway.

Step 3. Now fold them again halfway and flip the right hand side corner over the left hand side corner. Spread it out in such a way that the elastic forms an L shape that faces you.

Step 4. Proceed to lay the sheet flat on a tabletop or any even surface. From here on its easy! Flatten the sheet by hand pressing them, making sure there aren’t any wrinkles. Neatly fold inwards thrice, flattening the sheet after each fold.

Step 5. Once its folded into a long stripe, half them and fold them twice. Use your hands-on last time to give it that special finishing touch. 

You now have a finely folded, pristine, ready-to-go fitted sheet! Say goodbye to that once-upon-a-time messy ball of the sheet. Hope you found this useful. Leave us a comment if you did !