Everything you need to know about Linen!

Everything you need to know about Linen!

Known for everything from summer clothing to home furnishing, Linen is a versatile, natural fabric that’s soft on the skin. Linen boasts of longevity, luster and luxury, its natural creases adding charm.

What Is Linen?

Linen is one of the oldest-known natural fibres, made from the flax plant. The word linen comes from the latin name for flax, and is related to the word “line” because the fabric threads are woven in a straight line. Linen is considered a high-end, elegant, and durable fabric.

How Is Linen Made?

While linen is often compared to cotton, the production process for linen is more time consuming and expensive as flax fibres are difficult to weave. Some parts of the linen production process are now done by machine, much is still done by hand.

  1. Flax plants are pulled from the ground, rather than cut, to maintain the length of the fibres.
  2. The plants are then left in the field to decompose a little, which makes it easier to separate the fibres of the flax plant.
  3. The extracted fibres are stored inside for a few months to soften further.
  4. Once softened, the flax fibres are combed to get rid of excess dirt and debris and to separate the short and long fibres.
  5. The long fibres are twisted and then spun while wet to make the yarn softer. These longer fibres are used in items like bed sheets and clothes.
  6. The short linen fibres are twisted together dry, which makes for a much sturdier version of linen. These shorter fibres are used for things like upholstery or as thread for sewing tough fabrics like leather.


Benefits to Using Linen

Linen is a bit of a wonder fabric, able to be used for many different purposes.

  1. Absorbent : Linen holds water incredibly well, hence why it is a popular material for towels and sheets.
  2. Breathable : The fabric is very light and allows air through it easily, making it an ideal fabric for clothing during the summer months.
  3. Durable : Linen does not have much stretch, though it does hold its shape very well and will not change size over multiple wears and washes.
  4. Linen is very soft and smooth, and it even becomes softer the more often it is washed.
  5. Environment friendly : Linen is generally considered an eco-conscious fibre because it doesn’t take as much water and chemicals to produce as other fabrics.
  6. Hypo-allergenic : Linen fabric is naturally hypoallergenic

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