Bed Linen Elements & Accessories you need to make your bed comfortable

Bed Linen Elements & Accessories you need to make your bed comfortable

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An average person spends approximately 26 years sleeping and 7 more years trying to sleep.That is 33 years spent on a bed. If we add our cosy holiday afternoons, lazy weekend mornings, and many more times we use our bed as a place of comfort and solace, it is a lot more than 33 years.

Bed linen is absolutely an essential in our homes and for a good night’s sleep, it is important to have a comfortable bed. So, in this blog, we have listed the elements and accessories that you need to turn your bed into your comfort pit. Let’s dive right in.


1. Mattress Protector

The mattress is the very foundation of the bed. But it is not invincible against stains, spillage, dust, and bed bugs. To avoid all of these, you need a Mattress protector. It encases your mattress completely and prevents dust, moisture, and bugs from invading it. This will increase the comfort lifespan of your mattress and could also add an extra layer of softness depending on the material you choose.


2. Fitted Sheet

A fitted sheet is the first layer on top of the mattress protector. It separates you from your mattress. Fitted sheets have elasticized edges that hold on to the edges of the mattress. So, no matter how you move on the bed while sleeping, it won’t come off the bed. It also acts as an added layer of comfort and softness.


3. Flat Sheet

A flat sheet sits between you and your quilt, comforter or blanket. This is done so that the quilt doesn’t become dirty. In warmer places like India, it can also be used instead of a blanket when you just need just a light sheet to cover you. acts as an added layer of comfort and softness.


4. Pillows

Pillows are important because they keep the head aligned with the neck and backbone during sleep. A microfibre pillow is a good option if you are looking for a pillow that isn’t too hard and too soft. Pillow covers serve as a protective barrier to the fabric of pillows. It protects a pillow from unwanted stains, wear and tear as well as moisture.

5. Bed Toppers (Quilt / Blanket / Comforter / Duvet)

A bed topper keeps you warm and cosy, helping you sleep soundly through the entire night. Blankets, Quilts, Duvets, and Comforters serve as bed toppers and a layer of style for your overall bed. These are terms often used interchangeably, however they all differ in the thickness, filling/material, and construction. Depending on the climate of your home and your personal preferences, you can choose which, as you don’t need all the four in the same bed. Here at The Yellow Dwelling, we believe quilts are the best bet due to their simplicity and climate compatibility.

6. Bed Cover

Bed Cover is a single layer fabric used over the bed topper. A bedspread is lightweight, decorative, and covers the entire bed, coming up over the pillows and can either be a quilt, blanket, comforter, or sheet. This is used to prevent dust and dirt from settling on the bed.

7. Decorative Cushions

Cushions provide comfort, posture support and assist people to sit more upright. Cushion covers case the cushions like a pillowcase as well as add colour, character and texture. Overall cushions add comfort and make a bed look cosy and inviting. 


8. Throws

Measuring up smaller than a blanket, a throw is perfect to throw on the end of a bed for those colder nights where you need to grab an extra layer. It is a great addition to your bed, particularly if you tend to take small naps or like spending time on your bed whilst not sleeping.


Who doesn’t like to spend some extra time in bed? It is only normal to make it as perfect and comfortable as it can be. After all, it is the place where we start and end our day. We hope this blog helps you find the bedding elements that you need for the best sleep experience.

contributed by Surya Boddu