Three Ways To Style Your Bedroom

Three Ways To Style Your Bedroom

Designing your spaces, especially your bedroom can have many positive effects on your mental health, and overall well-being. The personal spaces at home set the stage for creating and living the most magical moments of our lives. The bedroom is also the place where you tend to spend more time especially during these pandemic times. Hence it is crucial that your bedroom spaces offer utmost comfort, support, and provide positive emotional energy.  

Styling your bedroom, however, can be sometimes very confusing and time-consuming task. Here are some easy styles and tips for Indian homes which you can refer to while designing or restyling your bedroom. Whether you take a minimalist approach or are an advocate of the maximalist school of home design, we have a style that works for you !

The Blush Casual

The sleeping pillows form the base of cushion decoration furthering into three 18” cushions, layered with two 16” and finally another 16” accent cushion right in the center, in the blush casual style.

The style is a casual one, so a little play with the size of pillows and/or the effortless draping of the help enhances the casual look we are going for. The quilt has been placed carefully at the foot of the bed ready for any mid-day siesta your heart desires.

Layering is the key to any bed styling. A tip to layering well would be using articles that you more commonly would use rather than just placing articles for the sake of aesthetics. The cushions have been placed so the larger ones’ act as back support while the smaller cushion are ready for you to pick up when you open your laptop for work, or snuggle up against while your favorite or while browsing through Netflix.

The subtle use of colour found in this bedding styling lends itself to a calm and laid-back yet pleasing mood to the space. If you think your style leans towards the softer and more casual home styles this style might be the one for you. 


Prim & Proper

For those of us who have 4 sleeping pillows on bed, this is a perfect choice for you. Lay the sleeping pillows flat, one on top of another. The decorative cushions could be kept simple here with two 16” cushions and a lumbar accent cushion in the center front. As the name suggests, this style sits for those who like everything kept neat and tidy. The quilt can be draped in an orderly and fuzz-free manner and the throw kept in an elegantly folded way.

A good idea here would be to play with varying sizes of cushions. This provides a visual interest to an otherwise ordinary bed setting. Pairing the 16″ with a lumbar for instance makes the whole look seem much proportionate and meticulously put together.


The Grand look

If you like to play big and go all in, then the grand look has your name written all over it. The style uses large-sized pillows, while they taking up more it lends a luxurious feel to the room. We have used two 24” cushions with two 20 inches and an accent 16” cushion. The quilts neatly folded give a clean finish. A good option here would be to just place the throw over the quilt, the solid colour of the throw helps break the pattern on the quilt. While we love a good patterned moment, it’s always a balancing act between pattern and using solid colours to highlight the pattern better.

Another way to add some fun and beauty is by working with different prints, patterns, and textures. You could pair a solid color with a printed cushion and then add an accent print. The throw adds the texture that this space requires. Playing around with different dark and light shades is a great idea when using this decor style. The bolder colors such as yellow bring out the magnificence and charm of the look.

Friendly Tip: A frequently asked question and thought in all of our minds is where to place the pillows while sleeping. Most of these styles have only minimal cushions. You could keep the extra ones either on the chair or sofas in your room. Getting extra storage like a trunk, bench with storage or large basket that would go with your bedroom aesthetic is a great option as well. We hope this article helps you figure out your style and enhance your living space.