The Best Header Styles For Your Curtains

The Best Header Styles For Your Curtains

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Curtains are an integral part of your space and decor. They not only allow light into your rooms but add character to your spaces. The curtains you pick can bring the whole aesthetic of the room together. Whether you select regal, vibrant, cute, or bold, the choice of curtains speaks volumes. While choosing the perfect curtains for your room, it is important to check the curtain design, color, material, length and style. A very important factor, yet often overlooked, is the choice of header styles of a curtain. We are going to break it down for you in this blog. 

If you have not already read our blog on All things you need to know about hanging curtains – Part 1, we highly recommend you to read that too before you start reading this. 

The list of selections is endless. But here, curated for you, are the top picks when it comes to header styles:


  1. Eyelet Curtains

The Eyelet curtain or the grommet curtain is one of the most popular header styles. Apt for contemporary drapes these form an incredible selection for when you want to lend that minimalistic modern look to your space. The design allows unbelievably smooth movement which also makes them the ideal pick for locations where curtains are drawn open or closed frequently. 

The style is friendly as they are easy to install and easy to use. This curtain header style is durable, and can withstand the rigors of a machine wash and get right back to business!

  1. Pocket Rod

The header style has a pocket sewn in on top that offers space for the rod. The stylization offers a casual and chic vibe that is often difficult to emulate. Small bunches of gatherings are formed at the top, which lends beautiful ruffles. However, this does limit seamless flow slightly. To overcome the challenge, we recommend the use of tiebacks. Just go ahead and tie when you’d like to let the sunlight in, and untie later. These cute little pieces are simple in function and can make your work less messy.

  1. Back Tab

Back Tab is another trending style, where the rod has a tab made of the same fabric as the curtain. The tab is concealed at the back ensuring that neither the rod nor the tab is visible. The style lends a clean and crisp look, making your spaces look sophisticated and classy. Another added advantage of the style is that it is easy to install. Gatherings formed at the top restrict the movement a bit when you try to draw out the curtain, but as we’ve seen before, tiebacks are always a wonderful option to enhance the nice and neat look and bring the whole thing together.


  1. Channel Tape

This style is used on channels but can also be used on rods using a ring. When on a channel, hooks are used to attach the curtain to the channel. The tape is stitched at the back of the curtain and has three levels of loops, the hooks can go on any of the three levels. Wave type gatherings are formed that lend a casual look, they are also known as wave header style.

Channel Tape are a good choice if you have channel tape installed at home, apart from pleated curtains. 

  1. Pleated Curtains 

The style is easily one of the most popular ones out there! With the small pleats that are formed, it offers a grand and regal look. The header style is versatile as it can go on both a rod or channel tape. One consideration to look into is that due to the pleats the width of the curtain often reduces. Hence you will need more number of panels than regular curtains for your windows. 

  1. Button Loops

Button Loops are making a fiery comeback! They offer a cute, farmhouse vibe that is appealing and endearing. This style has a loop with a charming wooden button on it. The button faces the front side. This style has a rustic yet clean look. Again, using tiebacks always offers a great impression, while also making the functionality so much simpler and providing that clean look. Button Loops are unique and best suited for rods that can’t be removed or even poster beds.

  1. Tie Tops

This style offers a cottage core and whimsical vibe to the space. There are two loops at the top of the curtain, which is used to tie on the rod. While offering a unique look, makes a great choice for dreamy spaces. ideal for bedrooms and poster beds. 



We hope this article, as part of our series, has made you aware of the various types of header styles. While there is an abundant array of selections to choose from, picking the right header style is important for both aesthetics and seamless functionality. Keeping in mind your specific spaces and drape style, use our guide to pick the befitting headers for your drapes.