My hygge Christmas Home

My hygge Christmas Home

A collation of blogs from some of our favourite decor bloggers on “How I decorate my hygge christmas home” – Seema, Krittika, Raina and Neha!


One of the biggest mistakes we make when creating a vignette it to throw to many things into it. Use at the least three items. Or if you want to use more try to use an odd number. But don’t overcrowd it.

A vignette needs a little breathing room between elements.There are small touches of Christmas appearing in our home….simple Christmas vignettes.Simple and easy is going to be my theme this year……..I want to slow down and soak it all in, savoring each moment.Instead of having one large Christmas element like a tree , I love little surprises popping in unexpected corners.  A snowflake on a branch, a red tartan ribbon on the bookshelf latch, a reindeer amongst my plants, white baubles peeping from behind curtain, a plaid cushion on the lounge in checks, lumbar cushions to ensconce your weary back ,a rustic star on a cross section of the jacaranda that was cut, plum cake on the coffee table, mulled wine in a decanter, serviettes with a Christmas theme, cinnamon scented candles, a tiny galvanised bucket with my rosemary cuttings on the dining table, Poinsettias in every room……you get the drift? I don’t want to spend days and days decorating,

I want to enjoy what makes this time of year so magical. Small touches……white lights, soft throws, pinecones, a sparkly ornament, a basket wrapped in burlap, is all the foyer needs. I have a tiny tree made of bamboo twigs. Doing it up in a rustic theme devoid of too much color.  Simple Christmas vignettes using mostly what I have around the house with some added fresh holiday greenery is what am doing this year. Wishing you all peace and joy always!

Love, Seema

Christmas has always been more a feeling than a festival to me. The cold weather, warm woolens, hot cups of cocoa and cozying up on your couch on calm evenings; all of this marks the beginning of the Christmas for me.

So when I think of decorating for Christmas, it has to tick all these hygge boxes. My decor style has always been pretty minimal and our home reflects that. So even when it comes to Christmas decor, they are always little touches here and there. Like a simple table set up with candles and fresh greens, a jar filled with snow (I use rock salt to replicate snow) and tiny little Christmas trees, or a garland at our entryway. A home filled with lots of white with tiny pops of red, green and silver. Ofcourse this year, we have got ourselves a lovely tree and I plan on dressing it up with pretty silver baubles.

I love making my own little decor pieces. Be it a minimal wreath, an ornament or simply tying a bow on our dining chairs and sticking some berries into it. The month of December is a month of little diys and that gives me so much more joy than decking up our home with a whole lot of store bought decor.

Keeping it simple and functional but at the same time bringing in the holiday cheer into our home is my way of decorating for Christmas. Remember, it doesn’t matter how you decorate, what matters is how you feel because ’tis the season to be jolly!

Much love, Krittika

I believe that bringing the outdoors in is a great way to add festive cheer to your home. Natural Christmas decorations add a rustic, warm and hygge feel in any space and they can be easy DIY’s 

A simple candle decked up with some flowers or cinnamon sticks can look amazing as a centerpiece, for instance.  In essence, most of my decor is nature inspired, and I have used the same approach, be it wreaths or table top Christmas trees I have tried to use mostly real flowers, leaves and twigs that are foraged finds.

So next time you go for a walk, look around you carefully, you will be amazed at what all nature has to offer! ?

Wishing all the readers a Merry Christmas!

With love, Raina

Christmas for me is the time to relive my childhood memories.

I grew up in a small town and studied in a convent school. My school was my window to Christmas festivities, a month before Christmas carol singing practices would start, and measurements for the dresses would happen, it was a month of bliss as we could skip classes for the preparations. I loved visiting the church in school premises, silently sitting there and admiring the Christmas tree in all its glory.

A very special memory that I hold very dear in my heart is Simon uncle. He was my father’s official driver and every Christmas he used to get two big special plum cakes for me and my sister, I remember we always used eagerly wait for him on Christmas and once I got my cake I used to keep it safe from my dear sister, because once she was done with her cake, she would attack mine!!


Life happened and I grew up and moved cities. Now every Christmas I deck up nook and corners of my home reliving my childhood, there are carols, plum cakes and good food.


Being a compulsive DIYer I try making my own Christmas tree every year using supplies available, I up cycle and recycle. I try and make my own ornaments. For fresh ideas for my DIYs I usually go to Pinterest and of course there is a whole decor community on Instagram which never fails to inspire and encourage.

My this year table top Christmas trees are Pinterest inspired and have been made, up cycling a magazine and my old table mats. It was a quick 15 minute DIY and the results were stunning.”

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas in advance and a very happy month of festivities ahead ?

With Love, Neha