Embracing Elegance and Sustainability

Embracing Elegance and Sustainability

Defining Space Studio's Collab with The Yellow Dwelling

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The “Anugraha’ project is a testament to the seamless synergy between architectural finesse and exquisite design elements. Defining Space Studio, known for their penchant for open, airy spaces and natural aesthetics, collaborated with the Yellow Dwelling to create an abode that encapsulates elegance and sustainability.

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We, at The Yellow Dwelling, are thrilled to be a part of this venture in assisting Team Defining Space Studio, for their requirement of soft furnishings to create an abode that encapsulates elegance and sustainability.

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The house is beautiful, showcasing an open-plan layout that celebrates space and freedom. Exposed brick juxtaposed with the warmth of teakwood and straight clean lines infuses the interiors with an elegant charm. Natural light floods the interiors, creating an inviting ambience, while ample ventilation ensures a constant flow of fresh air. Notably, an indoor court and a terrace garden add unique dimensions to the home, harmonizing nature and modernity.

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The enchanting home in an earthy palette found a perfect complement for their home decor in the soft furnishings provided by The Yellow Dwelling - exquisite curtains, cushion covers and bed linen are all made of 100% cotton. These elements, characterised by clean lines, geometric prints and pretty florals in sustainable fabric, added a touch of sophistication while honouring the natural appeal of the space. The curtains are made with pure cotton in neutral shades and minimal prints , adding warmth to this nature loving home. The window blinds are made from cotton printed fabric with minimal florals and geometrical prints for an airy feel and enhance the aesthetics of the home decor.
Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our choice of materials and design ethos, perfectly aligned with the architect’s creativity for the interior design of the home. Our soft furnishings with the natural textures and patterns seamlessly blended into the architectural narrative enhancing the overall charm of the house.

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A shared vision of sustainable living was a driving force behind this collaboration. Both Defining Space Studio and The Yellow Dwelling prioritised natural materials and eco-friendly practices, in the making of the soft furnishings, resonating with the modern thought of responsible living, overall contributing to a healthier living environment for the family. Beyond the aesthetic brilliance, the beautiful house offers functionality and comfort.

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The collaborative efforts of Defining Space Studio and The Yellow Dwelling to create a space with soothing decor, has resulted in a transformative living space that stands as testament to creativity, sustainability and functionality. The holistic approach taken by our teams in bringing all the design aspects together, for the overall final look of the home, and serving as facilitators, with our expertise, have aimed at aiding the client in procuring and assembling the necessary elements to bring the house to life and turn it into a home!

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Together, we have not only curated a visually stunning space with aesthetic house interiors but also tailored it to suit the needs and preferences of the family, culminating in a home that embodies both style and comfort.