Decked Outdoors : Take It Outside In Style

Decked Outdoors : Take It Outside In Style

Inspiring Out-Door Setup Ideas

Take a break from the confines of four walls to enjoy a party or simply relax in the great outdoors! Whether you have a sprawling garden, a cozy patio, a charming backyard, or an airy balcony, we have ideas and drapes to enhance every outdoor space. Our cushion cover collection from Amber Trails is just what you need to make your seating the talk of the party!

Step into a world of outdoor décor inspiration with us as we share delightful rustic and ethnic ideas to transform outdoor spaces with creativity. We've handpicked products from our store designed to make your outdoors truly extraordinary. In this blog, we celebrate the simple joy of being outdoors, where the open air becomes your ceiling.

Your balcony can be your getaway too! All you need are some balcony chairs with cushions in hues of yellow or green, along with plants that add that extra touch of beauty. Enjoy a cup of relaxing tea and style it with the right décor. This evening unwinding session on the balcony with a view of the sunset is the cherry on top, making your outdoor time a moment to cherish.
For a unique and festive outdoorsy dining experience with earthy tones and an elegant setup, draw inspiration from our dining set collection this festive season. It strikes an equal balance between floral prints, solid color placemats, and Kutch-inspired patchwork table runners, and it pairs perfectly with extra cushions from our collection to add festive elegance to your dining space – they are must-haves! Floor cushions serve as ideal seating accessories for creating a cozy vibe and can also double as extra seating when you have more guests joining in.

A simple way to create a cozy outdoor space is to make it an extension of your home, achieving a relaxing outdoor vibe with all the comforts of indoors. Use airy, light-coloured, soothing sheer curtains from our timeless blooms Collection, add some  complementary snuggly cushions for a backyard picnic, and sprinkle in stylish décor. Voilà! You've created a space that feels like the perfect vacation spot to cherish with little ones and pets running around, playing games, and making sandwiches. It's indeed a perfect picnic holiday.

Make the most of your outdoor space to create a small picnic spot or a cozy corner for unwinding. Use calming curtains, comfy cushions, décor to complement the vibe, and, of course, some mouthwatering bites to enjoy with your loved ones. It's the perfect evening to look back on.

Some must-haves to make your outdoor setup special are : 

Fresh flowers , Dried Florals or Flower Arrangements 
Fairy Lights, Candles, Floor Lights or Tea Lights
Curtains - Sheer or  Solid
Low seating - Floor Cushions , Cushions and Throws
Roll out Rugs or Carpets
Artsy décor like woven grass baskets and candle stands
Your favorites finger food and beverages
A projector or laptop with some select music and movies

Everyone loves a great outdoor spot to relax with friends or family, whether it's gazing at the stars at night or simply unwinding. For a nighttime festive ambience, consider using the fairy lights, off-white linen curtains, some woven grass baskets, and a mix of beige, cream, and white cushions to create the perfect dreamy setting for a weekend dinner. Low seating is the way to go!